Annual Gala

Our Next Annual AOBS Gala is on October 21st, 2017 at the Newark Airport Marriott Hotel in Newark Airport, NJ

The date of the 2017 AOBS Reunion is October 21, 2017. The event will be held at the Marriott Hotel in the Newark, NJ Airport. This will be a super event with two amazing honorees: the world record holder and Olympic medalist in the discus – Richard “Rink” Babka, and Natural Mr. America and educator – Bob Gallucci.

This daylong event begins at noon and ends officially at around 11 PM. During the day there will be presentations by Iron Game historians Mike Fera and Al Leung, a seminar on the tremendous results that are possible through drug free training, by Bob Gallucci, and displays of oldtime strength feats by some of the rising stars of this field. The dinner itself will begin at 7 PM sharp. It includes a wonderful five-course dinner, presentations to our legendary honorees, terrific strength performances and many other surprises.

If you’d like to read a report on a prior reunion, to get an idea of what these special events are like, please click here.

Our 2017 Honorees


Richard “Rink” Babka is a true legend in the world of Track & Field. A former world record holder in the discus throw, he was the first man to throw the disc over 200 ft. in official competition. Across his long career Rink won a silver medal at the 1956 Olympics and at the 1967 Pan American Games. On a national stage he won both the NCAA and AAU national titles. An outstanding athlete in multiple sports, Rink was signed to play with the San Francisco 49ers, although he never played in a season game. He is also recognized for his outstanding sportsmanship, which included helping an opponent to beat him at the Olympic Games! You’ll hear more about this in October!







Bob Gallucci was considered one of bodybuilding’s fastest rising and most promising stars in 1966, when he won the AAU Teenage Mr. America competition. But at this point, Bob reached a fork in the road. One led to professional success in bodybuilding, with the assistance of anabolic steroids. The other road led to a clean, healthy and drug free life. Bob chose the latter and became one of the first natural Mr. Americas. He went on to a long and distinguished career as an educator, whose dual message of the inestimable value of weight training and the terrible threat of performance enhancing drugs was an enduring theme throughout his career.





Mark your calendars for October 21, 2017. Don’t miss out on this one or you will regret it! Given the reputations of our honorees, we expect a sellout and will offer tickets on a first come first served basis. As our founder, Vic Boff, used to say “This will be our best reunion ever”. He meant it and so do we.

We are taking reservations for the event now (there are no ticket sales at the event – all reservations must be made in advance). You can purchase your tickets online or via regular mail. The dinner registration/payment deadline is Friday, October 13th.

ONLINE TICKET ORDERS – You can order tickets online with any major credit card, or through a PayPal account, by clicking on the “Buy Now” button below. Once you have paid, be sure and send an e-mail to, giving us the names of the people attending the dinner, the mailing address to which the tickets should be sent and your dinner entree choices (chicken, fish, vegetarian) here.

PLEASE NOTE THAT TICKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED UNTIL September of 2017, but if you order online you will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation shortly after we receive it. THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF RESERVATIONS IS FRIDAY OCTOBER 13th. Please make your reservations early as space is limited and we believe this will be a sold out event.

The price of the dinner will be $65 for a current donor (someone who has donated at least $25 to the organization with 12 months of the day of the gala, and an additional $65 for his/her first guest. However, for additional guests after the first one, the price is $75 per person. The price for all other dinners is is $75 per person. There is no admission charge for viewing the events that take place during the day. However, only ticket holders will be admitted to the dinner in the evening.

Please remember that if you are staying overnight at the Marriott, a special $124 AOBS rate is available for Friday and Saturday evenings. However, you must make your hotel reservations by October 7, 2017 to enjoy this special rate. You can secure a reservation by contacting the hotel at 800.228.9290 or 973.623.0006.

We look forward to seeing you on October 21st!

Refunds and Late Reservations: While we cannot generally accept any reservation received after October 13th, or after we have reached capacity, we do occasionally have cancellations of reservations previously made. If you miss the reservation deadline and would like to be wait listed, please contact us via e-mail at and we will place you on a waiting. list. Refund requests received after October 13th cannot be honored, unless there is a wait listed person to take your place, as we must pay the hotel in advance for reservations made and those payments are not refundable to us.