Weightlifting.Org, Inc. is an IRS and NYS recognized charitable 501 (c) (3) organization. It purposes are to:
• Support the sport of Olympic Style Weightlifting
• Develop athletes for national and international competition
• Educate the public about the extraordinary benefits of weightlifting
• Oppose the use of performance enhancing drugs in weightlifting
• Promote weightlifting safety
• Preserve the history of the sport and the broader “Iron Game” (strength development activities).

Our Weightlifting Club
WLO has a weightlifting club registered with USA Weightlifting. Through that clubs we provide training opportunities to athletes at a facility dedicated to the development of weightlifters. As a USAW member club we can and do compete as a team at National competitions (any of our athletes who qualify for international competitions represent the USA, not our club, in those competitions).

Over the past 50+ years, the coaches of our club and its predecessors have coached dozens of athletes to the National Championship level (not counting many additional National Junior, Youth, University, American Open and Master Championships qualifiers), including World Champion and World Record Holder – Karyn Marshall, Olympian and National Champion – Jerry Hannan, and National Champion and World Team member – Rhiannon Reynolds.

Our success has been based on proven methods and continuous innovation – in strength, power and flexibility training methods, technical skill development and special training equipment.

Whether you are a beginner or a champion, if you are serious about learning and improving in the great sport of Weightlifting, or improving your strength and power for other sports, we want to offer our help, as do the other athletes on our team.

Our current regularly scheduled “open gym” practice times are 7 to 10 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 2 to 5 PM on Saturdays. Other hours are available classes, clinics and individualized training, etc. by appointment. We are located in 53 Albertson Ave, in Albertson, NY (Nassau County – between Roslyn and Mineola.

For our full contact information, please click here. We hope to see you soon!