Tommy Kono set a staggering 26 world records, at least one in every lift (Press, Snatch, C&J and Total) and he made those records in four different bodyweight categories, even though there were no changes in bodyweight categories during the years he lifted. He also won to Olympics, six World Championships and the Mr. Universe title.

There is no single place where the history of World Records in Weightlifting is available. However, at present, there are several wonderful sources for information on the progression of records over particular periods of time — Sportstatistik/Sports Statistics: Schwerahletik/Strength Sports, on a page titled “Weightlifting-Progression of World Records”, at Weightlifting progression of world records ( there is a wonderful compilation of World Records from 1922 through 1992.

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) provides a list of the current records at where you can choose Current records, Senior, Junior or Youth, Men’s or Women’s. There is also an option to see the progress of world records since 2018 if you select “Progress” on the dropdown menu at the far left of that page. You can also choose to see the last world records before the bodyweight categories were changed in 2018 here .